Two-Phase Flow Pressure Drop Characteristics in Trapezoidal Silicon Microchannels

Singh, S.G. ; Bhide, R.R. ; Duttagupta, S.P. ; Puranik, B.P. ; Agrawal, A. (2009) Two-Phase Flow Pressure Drop Characteristics in Trapezoidal Silicon Microchannels IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging Technologies, 32 (4). pp. 887-900. ISSN 1521-3331

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This paper focuses on experimentally studying the pressure drop characteristics for two-phase flow in microchannels of hydraulic diameter 109 mum , over a relatively large range of heat flux of (0-30 W/cm 2 ) and mass flow rate values (44-1114 kg/m 2 -s). Three fluid flow regimes (single-phase, two-phase, and dryout) have been covered in this paper, with deionized water as the working fluid. For a given heat flux, the variation of average pressure drop with flow rate can be classified into three distinct regimes. In the first regime (higher flow rate), the pressure drop decreases linearly with decrease in flow rate. In the second regime (lower flow rate), pressure drop increases with decreasing flow rate and reaches a maximum (with a minimum on either side). Finally, in the very low flow rate regime, pressure drop increases rapidly with decreasing flow rate. The average pressure drop in the two-phase regime is predicted well by the annular flow model. In addition to absolute pressure drop values, we also report pressure fluctuations. The magnitude of pressure fluctuations appears to be correlated to the underlying flow regime, such as bubbly, slug, and annular regimes, which have been identified through the flow visualization. An important outcome of this study is the identification of as many as four operating points with similar pressure drop penalty. This may help to choose the right operating conditions for a microchannel-based heat sink for use in cooling electronics. These detailed experimental results are also expected to be useful for modeling two-phase flow in microchannels.

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Keywords:Annular Flow; Critical Heat Flux (CHF); Flow Visualization; Heat Transfer Coefficient; Onset Of Boiling; Pressure Instability.
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