Influence of blockage and shape of a bluff body on the performance of vortex flowmeter with wall pressure measurement

Venugopal, A. ; Agrawal, Amit ; Prabhu, S.V. (2011) Influence of blockage and shape of a bluff body on the performance of vortex flowmeter with wall pressure measurement Measurement, 44 (5). pp. 954-964. ISSN 0263-2241

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Experimental and numerical investigations are carried out with various bluff body shapes to identify an appropriate shape which can be used for vortex flowmeter application. In both the cases vortex shedding frequency is inferred from the fluctuation of wall pressure. The numerical simulations are carried out with cylindrical and triangular bluff bodies to understand the vortex shedding phenomenon and to identify an appropriate turbulence model for this class of flows with wall pressure measurement. The simulations reveal that the k–ε RNG model predicts the Strouhal number closer to the experimental results than other models. The experimental investigations are carried out with several bluff body shapes, such as triangular, trapezoidal, conical, cylindrical and ring shapes, with water as the working medium. In this context, the effects of sampling rate, tap location and blockage effects are explored. The results suggest that the axisymmetric tapping is better than differential pressure tapping in terms of signal amplitude. The non-dimensional location of the static pressure tap is found to be 0.714 times diameter of pipe times blockage. The trapezoidal bluff body is found to be the best among all the bluff bodies investigated in terms of signal amplitude and constancy of Strouhal number. The vortex flowmeter performance is also measured under disturbed flow conditions created by using gate valve and bends. These results are significant because they provide an optimum bluff body shape and blockage, and also present the performance of vortex flow meter under disturbed flow conditions which is rather seldom reported in the literature.

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Keywords:Vortex Flow Meter; Wall Pressure Measurement; Bluff Body; Blockage of the Bluff Body.
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