Benzyltriphenylphosphonium glutaconaldehyde

Muthuraman, M. ; Nicoud, J. F. ; Masse, R. ; Desiraju, G. R. (2000) Benzyltriphenylphosphonium glutaconaldehyde Acta Crystallographica Section C: Crystal Structure Communications, 56 . pp. 986-988. ISSN 0108-2701

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The title compound, C25H22P+·C5H5O2-, crystallizes in space group P21/c. The phosphonium cations form zigzag chains with P…P distances of 6.475 (1) and 8.287 (2) Å, and are related by inversion centres. Two types of attractive edge-to-face phenyl interactions exist, resulting in a dominant supramolecular motif. The glutaconaldehyde anions occupy the interchain spacing and hold adjacent chains together via multiple C-H…O hydrogen bonds. The bond-length alternation, a parameter which reveals the non-linear optical efficiency at the molecular level, is optimized in the chromophore anion.

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