New current control based MPPT technique for single stage grid connected PV systems

Jain, Sachin ; Agarwal, Vivek (2007) New current control based MPPT technique for single stage grid connected PV systems Energy Conversion and Management, 48 (2). pp. 625-644. ISSN 01968904

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This paper presents a new maximum power point tracking algorithm based on current control for a single stage grid connected photovoltaic system. The main advantage of this algorithm comes from its ability to predict the approximate amplitude of the reference current waveform or power that can be derived from the PV array with the help of an intermediate variable β. A variable step size for the change in reference amplitude during initial tracking helps in fast tracking. It is observed that if the reference current amplitude is greater than the array capacity, the system gets unstable (i.e. moves into the positive slope region of the p–v characteristics of the array). The proposed algorithm prevents the PV system from entering the positive slope region of the p–v characteristics. It is also capable of restoring stability if the system goes unstable due to a sudden environmental change. The proposed algorithm has been tested on a new single stage grid connected PV configuration recently developed by the authors to feed sinusoidal current into the grid. The system is operated in a continuous conduction mode to realize advantages such as low device current stress, high efficiency and low EMI. A fast MPPT tracker with single stage inverter topology operating in CCM makes the overall system highly efficient. Specific cases of the system, operating in just discontinuous current mode and discontinuous current mode and their relative merits and demerits are also discussed.

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Keywords:Buck-boost inverter; Continuous conduction mode; Just discontinuous current mode; Maximum power point tracking; Photovoltaic; Grid connected.
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