Magnetic Field Across a Multiferroic Film by an incident Plane Harmonic EM Wave

Bose, Sujit K (2020) Magnetic Field Across a Multiferroic Film by an incident Plane Harmonic EM Wave International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research, 16 (2). pp. 105-120. ISSN 0973-1873

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Multiferroics are attracting much attention due to their special properties, principally that of coexistence of ferroelectric and ferromagnetic order. Such materials therefore, have the potential of controlling magnetism in devices by application of electric fields. In this paper, a mutiferroic film in free space is considered whose thickness is of the order of a micron or more, so that a continuum theory based on Maxwell’s equations is applicable. Assuming isotropy, the constitutive mathematical models for the electric polarization P and magnetization M are presented to study the electromagnetic field intensity H across a film of the material subjected to time harmonic plane electromagnetic (EM) wave of applied electric field intensity E0. Using representative data for the material constants appearing in the formulation, the transmitted value of H is found to be six order of magnitude and higher in comparison to E0.

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Keywords:Multiferroics, Maxwell’s equations, Polarization, Magnetization, Hysteresis, Electromagnetic (EM) waves
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