The impact of additional scalar bosons at the LHC

Kumar, Mukesh ; von Buddenbrook, Stefan ; Chakrabarty, Nabarun ; Cornell, Alan S. ; Kar, Deepak ; Mandal, Tanumoy ; Mellado, Bruce ; Mukhopadhyaya, Biswarup ; Reed, Robert G. (2017) The impact of additional scalar bosons at the LHC Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 802 (1). Article Id 012007. ISSN 1742-6588

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In this study we consider an effective model by introducing two hypothetical real scalars, H and χ - a dark matter candidate, where the masses of these scalars are 2mh < mH < 2mt and mχ ≈ mt /2 with mh and mt being the Standard Model Higgs boson and top quark masses, respectively. A distortion in the transverse momentum distributions of h in the intermediate region of the spectrum through the processes pp → H → hχχ could be observed in this model. An additional scalar, S, has been postulated to explain large H → hχχ branching ratios, assuming mh ≾ mS ≾ mmH — mmh and mS > 2mx. Furthermore, a scenario of a two Higgs doublet model (2HDM) is introduced and a detailed proposal at the present energies of the Large Hadron Collider to study the extra CP-even (h, H), CP-odd (A) and charged (H±) scalars has been pursued. With possible phenomenological implications, production and decay modes for these scalars are discussed. Based on the mass spectrum of H, A and H±, the production of multi-leptons and Z+jets+missing-energy events are predicted. A specific, Type-II 2HDM model is discussed in detail.

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