Ce2Ni3Si5: a mixed-valence cerium compound

Mazumdar, Chandan ; Nagarajan, R. ; Dhar, S. K. ; Gupta, L. C. ; Vijayaraghavan, R. ; Padalia, B. D. (1992) Ce2Ni3Si5: a mixed-valence cerium compound Physical Review B, 46 (14). pp. 9009-9012. ISSN 0163-1829

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Related URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevB.46.9009


The results of electrical resistivity (4.2–300 K), magnetic susceptibility (5300 K) and specific heat (2–20 K) are reported on the ternary orthorhombic rare-earth compound Ce2Ni3Si5. The resistivity of the material is nearly temperature independent above 120 K unlike that of a normal metallic material. The magnetic contribution to resistivity shows a broad maximum around 200 K. At low temperatures, the resistivity follows a T2 behavior in the temperature range 4–13 K. The inverse magnetic susceptibility deviates from Curie-Weiss behavior below 80 K where it exhibits a broad maximum in the χ vs T curve. Specific heat measurements (2–20 K) give a value of γ≈62 mJ/Ce mol K2 which is similar in magnitude to those encountered in valence-fluctuating systems. From these observations we conclude that Ce2Ni3Si5 is a Ce-based valence-fluctuation compound.

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