Probing the potential of apigenin liposomes in enhancing bacterial membrane perturbation and integrity loss

Banerjee, Kacoli ; Banerjee, Shubhadeep ; Das, Subhayan ; Mandal, Mahitosh (2015) Probing the potential of apigenin liposomes in enhancing bacterial membrane perturbation and integrity loss Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 453 . pp. 48-59. ISSN 0021-9797

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Along with discovery of new antibacterial agents, it is important to develop novel drug delivery systems to effectively deliver drugs within bacterial cells for enhanced therapeutic activity. Liposomes have been extensively investigated as pharmaceutical carriers for improvement of therapeutic index of antimicrobial agents. The aim of this present study was to evaluate the antibacterial activity of free and liposomal formulation of apigenin, a plant based isoflavone and elucidate the mode of action. Distearoylphosphatidylcholine liposomes were prepared having nano-range particle size (104.3 ± 1.8 nm), narrow particle distribution (0.204) and high encapsulation efficiency of apigenin (89.9 ± 2.31%). Antibacterial activity of apigenin and efficacy of liposome-mediated apigenin delivery were determined from minimum inhibitory concentration values. Interaction studies using electron microscopy revealed adherence and fusion of liposomal apigenin with the bacteria causing membrane perturbation through reactive oxygen species generation which was evaluated by epi-fluorescence microscopy and fluorescence activated cell sorting. The interaction of apigenin liposomes with bacterial membrane increased intracellular drug concentration and thus, can be employed to deliver apigenin within cells to augment its antibacterial activity. Increased efficacy and hemocompatibility of this formulation paves way for future evaluation of underlying molecular mechanisms and in vivo testing for enhanced therapeutic effects.

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Keywords:Apigenin; Liposomes; Antibacterial Activity; Isoflavone; Membrane
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