Anomalous suppression of Tc and moderate heavy fermion behaviour in YbNi2B2C

Dhar, S. K. ; Nagarajan, R. ; Hossain, Z. ; Tominez, E. ; Godart, C. ; Gupta, L. C. ; Vijayaraghavan, R. (1996) Anomalous suppression of Tc and moderate heavy fermion behaviour in YbNi2B2C Solid State Communications, 98 (11). pp. 985-989. ISSN 0038-1098

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We have synthesized single phase material YbNi2B2C. Results of our X-ray diffraction and LIII-edge studies are consistent with (nearly) trivalent state of Yb-ions in this material. Superconductivity is not observed down to 2 K in our resistivity and magnetic susceptibility studies. This is anomalous as, with Yb-ions in 3+ state, one expects Tc~12K in this material on the basis of the systematic of Tc in other magnetic superconductors belonging to the series RNi2B2C (R, a rare earth ion). Resistivity is relatively temperature independent in the temperature range 50K-300K. However, below 50K there is a large reduction of resistivity. The Sommerfeld coefficient, γ, obtained from the heat capacity data in the temperature range 12K-25K, is ~ 200 mJ/mol.K2 which suggests the formation of a moderately heavy fermion state in YbNi2B2C at low temperatures. Suppression of superconductivity constitutes an independent evidence of anomalous state of Yb-ions in YbNi2B2C.

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