Oblique convergence and slip partitioning in the NW Himalaya: implications from GPS measurements

Kundu, Bhaskar ; Yadav, Rajeev Kumar ; Bali, Bikram Singh ; Chowdhury, Sonalika ; Gahalaut, V. K. (2014) Oblique convergence and slip partitioning in the NW Himalaya: implications from GPS measurements Tectonics, 33 (10). pp. 2013-2024. ISSN 0278-7407

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We report GPS measurements of crustal deformation across the Kashmir Himalaya. We combined these results with the published results of GPS measurements from the Karakoram fault system and suggest that in the Kashmir Himalaya, the motion between the southern Tibet and India plate is oblique with respect to the structural trend. We estimated this almost north-south oblique motion to be 17 ± 2 mm/yr, which is partitioned between dextral motion of 5 ± 2 mm/yr on the Karakoram fault system and oblique motion of 13.6 ± 1 mm/yr with an azimuth of N198°E in the northwest-southeast trending Kashmir Himalayan frontal arc. Thus, the partitioning of the India-Southern Tibet oblique motion is partial in the Kashmir Himalayan frontal arc. However, in the neighboring Nepal Himalaya, there is no partitioning; the entire India-Southern Tibet motion of 19–20 mm/yr is arc normal and is accommodated entirely in the Himalayan frontal arc. The convergence rate in the Kashmir frontal Himalaya is about 25% less than that in the Nepal Himalayan region. However, here the Karakoram fault system accommodates about 20% of the southern Tibet and Indian plate convergence and marks the northern extent of the NW Himalayan arc sliver. The Kaurik Chango rift, a north-south oriented seismically active cross-wedge transtensional fault appears to divide the sliver in two parts causing varying translatory motion on the Karakoram fault on either side of the Kaurik Chango rift.

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Keywords:Kashmir Himalaya; Karakoram Fault; Kaurik Chango Rift; GPS Measurements; Seismic Hazard; Slip Partitioning
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