On power basis of a class of algebraic number fields

Jhorar, Bablesh ; Khanduja, Sudesh K. (2016) On power basis of a class of algebraic number fields International Journal of Number Theory, 12 (08). Article ID 2317. ISSN 1793-0421

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Let K=Q(θ) be an algebraic number field with θ in the ring AK of algebraic integers of K and F(x) be the minimal polynomial of θ over the field Q of rational numbers. In 1977, Uchida proved that AK=Z[θ] if and only if F(x) does not belong to M2 for any maximal ideal M of the polynomial ring Z[x] (see [Osaka J. Math. 14 (1977) 155–157]). In this paper, we apply the above result to obtain some necessary and sufficient conditions involving the coefficients of F(x) for AK to equal Z[θ] when F(x) is a trinomial of the type xn+ax+b. In the particular case when a=−1, it is deduced that {1,θ,…,θn−1} is an integral basis of K if and only if either (i) p∤b and p2∤(bn−1nn−(n−1)n−1) or (ii) p divides b and p2∤b.

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Keywords:Rings of Algebraic Integers; Integral Basis and Discriminant
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