Biophysical characterization of Vitrio El Tor typing phage e5

Basu, Rina ; Ghosh, A. N. ; Dasgupta, S. ; Ghosh, Amit (1993) Biophysical characterization of Vitrio El Tor typing phage e5 FEMS Microbiology Letters, 106 (1). pp. 9-15. ISSN 0378-1097

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Vibrio cholerae typing phage e5, which can lyse only the El Tor strains of V. cholerae, was characterized. The phage had a polyhedral head 51 nm in diameter and a short tail 13 nm in length. It contained 13 structural polypeptides, with the molecular mass of the major component being 50 kDa. Phage chromosome comprised a 38.5-kb linear double-stranded DNA molecule with unique termini, as determined by restriction fragment analysis and electron microscopy, and had a G+C content of 35.5%. A physical map was constructed with the restriction endonucleases HaeII and HpaII. Adsorption of the phage to its host followed a biphasic kinetics and its intracellular growth was characterized by a latent period of 15 min and a burst size of 100 particles per infected cell. The phage was found to be moderately thermotolerant.

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Keywords:Vibrio cholerae; Typing Phage; Restriction Map
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