Damped-SOGI based control algorithm for solar PV power generating system

Singh, Bhim ; Dwivedi, Shailendra ; Jain, Chinmay (2015) Damped-SOGI based control algorithm for solar PV power generating system In: IEEE IAS Joint (ICPSPCIC) Petroleum and Chemical Industry Conference/Industrial and Commercial Power Systems, 2015, 19-21 Nov. 2015, Hyderabad, India.

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This paper deals with two stage solar PV power generating system with improved power quality in three-phase distribution system. This system not only feeds the power to the grid but it also provides the load compensation, power factor correction and harmonics elimination. For this, a double stage system is used where first stage is a DC-DC boost converter, which performs the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking). For extracting maximum power from the PV string, an incremental conductance based MPPT algorithm is used. Moreover, in second stage a voltage source converter (VSC) is utilized. For control of VSC, a damped-SOGI (Second Order Generalized Integrator) algorithm is proposed. By using damped-SOGI based control algorithm, fundamental active and reactive power components of load currents are extracted for estimating the reference grid currents. After comparing these reference grid currents with sensed grid currents, these produce the switching pulses for the grid tied VSC. A prototype of the proposed system is developed in the laboratory. Test results are shown to validate the design and control algorithm under steady state and dynamic conditions at linear and nonlinear loads.

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Keywords:Solar Photovoltaic; MPPT; Damped-SOGI Algorithm; Power Quality; Grid Interfaced
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