Enhancement of power quality using solar PV integrated UPQC

Devassy, Sachin ; Singh, Bhim (2015) Enhancement of power quality using solar PV integrated UPQC In: 2015 39th National Systems Conference (NSC), 14-16 Dec. 2015, Noida, India.

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This paper deals with the mitigation of grid-side and load-side power quality problems using a single-phase solar PV integrated UPQC (PV-UPQC). The solar PV array (SPV) is interfaced with the DC-link of UPQC using a simple boost DC-DC converter. The shunt VSC of the UPQC compensates for the load power quality problems such as load current harmonics and reactive power. Apart from this, the shunt voltage source (VSC) supplies the active power from the SPV into the grid while maintaining the DC-link voltage at a preset voltage level. The series VSC compensates for the grid-side voltage power quality problems such as voltage sags/swells and harmonics so that the critical loads receive sinusoidal voltage supply. The boost converter operates the PV array at MPP to extract maximum power. The performance of PV-UPQC with a combination of linear and nonlinear loads is simulated at conditions of varying irradiation and grid voltage disturbances using Matlab-Simulink.

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Keywords:Boost Converter; Power Quality; UPQC; Harmonics Reactive; Power Compensation; Solar PV; MPPT; Series Compensator; Shunt Compensator
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