Power factor correction in a brushless DC motor drive using an isolated-Luo converter

Bist, Vashist ; Singh, Bhim (2014) Power factor correction in a brushless DC motor drive using an isolated-Luo converter In: 2014 6th IEEE Power India International Conference (PIICON), 5-7 Dec. 2014, Delhi, India.

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This work presents a new configuration of a Luo converter with high frequency isolation for feeding brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive with power quality improvements at AC mains. In this work, a low frequency switching of the voltage source inverter (VSI) is used for reducing the switching losses associated with the six solid-state switches of VSI (Voltage Source Inverter). This is achieved by electronic commutation of BLDC motor and adjusting the DC bus voltage of the VSI for speed control. The proposed isolated-Luo converter is designed in discontinuous inductor current mode (DICM) for voltage control and power factor correction is achieved inherently at the AC mains using a single voltage sensor. Performance of proposed drive is evaluated for improved power quality at AC mains for varying speeds and supply voltages. The power quality indices achieved are within the limits of IEC 61000-3-2 standard.

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Keywords:Voltage Source Inverter; Brushless DC motor; Discontinuous Inductor Current Mode; Isolated-Luo Converter; Power Factor Correction; Improved Power Quality
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