Hybrid textures in minimal seesaw mass matrices

Goswami, Srubabati ; Khan, Subrata ; Watanabe, Atsushi (2010) Hybrid textures in minimal seesaw mass matrices Physics Letters B, 693 (3). pp. 249-254. ISSN 0370-2693

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In the context of the minimal seesaw framework, we discuss the implications of Dirac and Majorana mass matrices in which two properties coexist, namely, equalities among matrix elements and texture zeros. Among the large number of general possibilities, only 12 patterns are found to be consistent with the global neutrino oscillation data at the level of the most minimal number of free parameters. The predictions of the allowed textures for mass hierarchy, θ13 and effective mass governing neutrino-less double beta decay are discussed. We also explore the possibility of having non-zero CP violation for each allowed solution. We find that only one allowed solution can accommodate both low and high energy CP violation. We discuss the prediction of this solution for leptogenesis and explore the correlation, between leptogenesis and low energy CP violation.

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Keywords:Neutrino; Neutrino Mass and Mixing
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