Solid state thermal studies of nickel (II) diamine complexes

Roy, Sukumar ; Ghosh, Ashutosh ; Chaudhuri, Nirmalendu Ray (1989) Solid state thermal studies of nickel (II) diamine complexes Thermochimica Acta, 155 . pp. 297-307. ISSN 0040-6031

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The complexes [Ni(eten)3]X2•H2O (eten = N-ethyl-1,2-ethanediamine; X = Cl, Br), [Ni(eten)3]X2 (X = BF4, NO3, 0.5SO4, 0.5SeO4), [Ni(eten)2X2•2H2O (X = Cl, Br) and [Ni(meen) 3]X2•2H2O (meen = N-miethyl-1,2-ethanediamine; X = 0.5SO4, 0.5SeO4) have been synthesized from solution and their thermal investigation carried out in the solid state. [Ni(eten)3]Br2 [Ni(eten)2X2] (X = Cl, Br, 0.5SO4, 0.5SeO4), [Ni(eten)Cl2], Ni(eten)0.5Cl2 and [Ni(meen)2X2] (X = 0.5SO4, 0.5SeO4) were isolated in the solid state from their corresponding parent complexes by a pyrolytic technique. Upon heating, [Ni(eten)2X2] (X = Cl, Br) and [Ni(eten) 3](BF4)2 undergo endothermic, kinetically irreversible phase transition, whereas [Ni(meen)3]SeO4 undergoes exothermic irreversible phase transition. The phase transition phenomena are assumed to be due to conformational changes in the diamine chelate rings. All the complexes except Ni(eten)0.5Cl2 have octahedral geometry. Ni(eten)0.5Cl2 has an unusually high magnetic moment.

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