(2S,5R/2R,5S)-Aminoethylpipecolyl aepip-aegPNA chimera: synthesis and duplex/triplex stability

Shirude, Pravin S. ; Kumar, Vaijayanti A. ; Ganesh, Krishna N. (2004) (2S,5R/2R,5S)-Aminoethylpipecolyl aepip-aegPNA chimera: synthesis and duplex/triplex stability Tetrahedron, 60 (42). pp. 9485-9491. ISSN 0040-4020

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This article reports the design and facile synthesis of novel chiral six-membered PNA analogues (2S,5R/2R,5S)-1-(N-Boc-aminoethyl)-5-(thymin-1-yl)pipecolic acid, aepipPNA IV that upon incorporation into standard aegPNA sequences effected stabilization of complexes with complementary target DNA. Substitution of aegPNA unit by the designed monomer at the C-terminus was more effective than substitution at N-terminus. The stabilizing behaviour improved with degree of substitution and was found to be dependent on their relative positions in the sequence. The six-membered piperidine ring in the design may freeze the rigid chair conformations and the relative stereochemistry of the substituents may in effect direct the complex formation with DNA/RNA by sequence-specific nucleobase recognition. In the present aepipPNA analogues, the l-trans stereochemical disposition of the substituents seems to lead to the favorable pre-organization of the PNA oligomers for complex formation with DNA. The results reported here further expand the repertoire of cyclic PNA analogues.

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Keywords:Peptide Nucleic Acids; Pipecolic Acid PNA; AepipPNA
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