Improved power quality bridgeless converter-based SMPS for arc welding

Narula, Swati ; Singh, Bhim ; Bhuvaneswari, G. ; Pandey, Rahul (2017) Improved power quality bridgeless converter-based SMPS for arc welding IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 64 (1). pp. 275-284. ISSN 0278-0046

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This paper proposes a power-factor-corrected bridgeless (BL) switched-mode power supply (SMPS) for welding applications that possesses output voltage control and current limiting feature even during extreme overloading conditions at the output terminals. Eliminating an input diode bridge rectifier minimizes conduction losses and improves thermal utilization of semiconductor devices. The front-end of the proposed SMPS consists of a BL boost converter operating in a continuous conduction mode to attain unity power factor, while at the rear end a pulse width modulation isolated full bridge dc-dc converter is used to regulate the output voltage. The design and implementation of this BL arc welding power supply (AWPS) is presented showing its fast dynamic response to supply voltage and load variations. The performance of the proposed AWPS is examined in terms of power factor, total harmonic distortion of the supply current, efficiency, and output current limit over a wide range of line/load variations. Test results confirm the effectiveness of the proposed AWPS in maintaining an impeccable power quality at utility interface apart from achieving an excellent output voltage regulation and current limiting capability.

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