Photon harvesting in sunscreen-based functional nanoparticles

Mandal, Sadananda ; Bera, Rajesh ; Das, Somnath ; Nayak, Sandip K. ; Pramanik, Amitava ; Patra, Amitava (2015) Photon harvesting in sunscreen-based functional nanoparticles ChemPhysChem, 16 (17). pp. 3618-3624. ISSN 1439-4235

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The ultraviolet light component in the solar spectrum is known to cause several harmful effects, such as allergy, skin ageing, and skin cancer. Thus, current research attention has been paid to the design and fundamental understanding of sunscreen-based materials. One of the most abundantly used sunscreen molecules is Avobenzone (AB), which exhibits two tautomers. Here, we highlight the preparation of spherically shaped nanoparticles from the sunscreen molecule AB as well as from sunscreen-molecule-encapsulated polymer nanoparticles in aqueous media and study their fundamental photophysical properties by steady-state and time-resolved spectroscopy. Steady-state studies confirm that the AB molecule is in the keto and enol forms in tetrahydrofuran, whereas the enol form is stable in the case of both AB nanoparticles and AB-encapsulated poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) nanoparticles. Thus, the keto–enol transformation of AB molecules is restricted to a nanoenvironment. An enhancement of photostability in both the nanoparticle and PMMA-encapsulated forms under UV light irradiation is observed. The efficient excited energy transfer (60 %) from AB to porphyrin molecules opens up further prospects in potential applications as light-harvesting systems.

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