Advances in elastomeric isolators

Mendez Galindo, Carlos ; Majumdar, Santanu ; Das, Agamoni (2015) Advances in elastomeric isolators In: IABSE-JSCE Joint Conference on Advances in Bridge Engineering-III, August 21-22, 2015, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Seismic hazards remained as a challenge to engineers over ages. In order to reduce loss of life and damage to property due to earthquake, several techniques have been developed among which Seismic Isolation technique using Elastomeric Isolators has gained high acceptance and becoming popular all over the world, due to its simplicity, reliability and overall cost effectiveness. Seismic Isolation with Elastomeric Isolators is done using Lead Rubber Bearing (LRB) or High Damping Rubber Bearing (HDRB). International specification and guidelines have been published which provide thorough overview on the subject and define stringent acceptance standard for the devices through extensive test requirement. This technical paper discusses performance evaluation of the Elastomeric isolators, based on tests carried out both on rubber compound and full scale devices as well as relevance of the tests to simulate and evaluate actual performance of Elastomeric Isolators and estimation of durability and life of the devices.

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