Probing type I′i string theory using D0 and D4-branes

David, Justin R. ; Dhar, Avinash ; Mandal, Gautam (1997) Probing type I′i string theory using D0 and D4-branes Physics Letters B, 415 (2). pp. 135-143. ISSN 0370-2693

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We analyse the velocity-dependent potentials seen by D0 and D4-brane probes moving in Type I′ background for head-on scattering off the fixed planes. We find that at short distances (compared to string length) the D0-brane probe has a nontrivial moduli space metric, in agreement with the prediction of Type I′ matrix model; however, at large distances it is modified by massive open strings to a flat metric, which is consistent with the spacetime equations of motion of Type I′ theory. We discuss the implication of this result for the matrix model proposal for M-theory. We also find that the nontrivial metric at short distances in the moduli space action of the D0-brane probe is reflected in the coefficient of the higher dimensional ν4 term in the D4-brane probe action.

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