Dynamical entanglement entropy with angular momentum and U(1) charge

Caputa, Pawel ; Mandal, Gautam ; Sinha, Ritam (2013) Dynamical entanglement entropy with angular momentum and U(1) charge Journal of High Energy Physics, 2013 . Article ID 52-26 pages. ISSN 1029-8479

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We consider time-dependent entanglement entropy (EE) for a 1+1 dimensional CFT in the presence of angular momentum and U(1) charge. The EE saturates, irrespective of the initial state, to the grand canonical entropy after a time large compared with the length of the entangling interval. We reproduce the CFT results from an AdS dual consisting of a spinning BTZ black hole and a flat U(1) connection. The apparent discrepancy that the holographic EE does not a priori depend on the U(1) charge while the CFT EE does, is resolved by the charge-dependent shift between the bulk and boundary stress tensors. We show that for small entangling intervals, the entanglement entropy obeys the first law of thermodynamics, as conjectured recently. The saturation of the EE in the field theory is shown to follow from a version of quantum ergodicity; the derivation indicates that it should hold for conformal as well as massive theories in any number of dimensions.

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Keywords:Gauge-gravity Correspondence; AdS-CFT Correspondence; Black Holes
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