Vacancy-induced low-energy states in undoped graphene

Sanyal, Sambuddha ; Damle, Kedar ; Motrunich, Olexei I. (2016) Vacancy-induced low-energy states in undoped graphene Physical Review Letters, 117 (11). Article ID 116806. ISSN 0031-9007

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We demonstrate that a nonzero concentration nv of static, randomly placed vacancies in graphene leads to a density w of zero-energy quasiparticle states at the band center ε=0 within a tight-binding description with nearest-neighbor hopping t on the honeycomb lattice. We show that w remains generically nonzero in the compensated case (exactly equal number of vacancies on the two sublattices) even in the presence of hopping disorder and depends sensitively on nv and correlations between vacancy positions. For low, but not-too-low, |ε|/t in this compensated case, we show that the density of states ρ(ε) exhibits a strong divergence of the form ρDyson(ε)∼|ε|−1/[log(t/|ε|)](y+1), which crosses over to the universal low-energy asymptotic form (modified Gade-Wegner scaling) expected on symmetry grounds ρGW(ε)∼|ε|−1e−b[log(t/|ε|)]2/3 below a crossover scale εc≪t. εc is found to decrease rapidly with decreasing nv, while y decreases much more slowly.

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