A fuzzy logic based dynamic wave model inversion algorithm for canal regulation

Gopakumar, R. ; Mujumdar, P. P. (2009) A fuzzy logic based dynamic wave model inversion algorithm for canal regulation Hydrological Processes, 23 (12). pp. 1739-1752. ISSN 0885-6087

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A fuzzy logic based centralized control algorithm for irrigation canals is presented. Purpose of the algorithm is to control downstream discharge and water level of pools in the canal, by adjusting discharge release from the upstream end and gates settings. The algorithm is based on the dynamic wave model (Saint-Venant equations) inversion in space, wherein the momentum equation is replaced by a fuzzy rule based model, while retaining the continuity equation in its complete form. The fuzzy rule based model is developed on fuzzification of a new mathematical model for wave velocity, the derivational details of which are given. The advantages of the fuzzy control algorithm, over other conventional control algorithms, are described. It is transparent and intuitive and no linearizations of the governing equations are involved. Tuning of the algorithm and method of computation are explained. It is shown that the tuning is easy and the computations are straightforward. The algorithm provides stable, realistic and robust outputs. The disadvantage of the algorithm is reduced precision in its outputs due to the approximation inherent in the fuzzy logic. Feed back control logic is adopted to eliminate error caused by the system disturbances as well as error caused by the reduced precision in the outputs. The algorithm is tested by applying it to water level control problem in a fictitious canal with a single pool and also in a real canal with a series of pools. It is found that results obtained from the algorithm are comparable to those obtained from conventional control algorithms.

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