Fractional spin textures in the frustrated magnet SrCr9pGa12−9pO19

Sen, Arnab ; Damle, Kedar ; Moessner, Roderich (2011) Fractional spin textures in the frustrated magnet SrCr9pGa12−9pO19 Physical Review Letters, 106 (12). Article ID 127203. ISSN 0031-9007

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We consider the archetypal frustrated antiferromagnet SrCr9pGa12−9pO19 in its well-known spin-liquid state, and demonstrate that a Cr3+ spin S=3/2 ion in direct proximity to a pair of vacancies (in disordered p<1 samples) is cloaked by a spatially extended spin texture that encodes the correlations of the parent spin liquid. In this spin-liquid regime, our analytic theory predicts that the combined object has a magnetic response identical to a classical spin of length S/2=3/4, which dominates over the small intrinsic susceptibility of the pure system. This fractional-spin texture leaves an unmistakable imprint on the measured 71Ga nuclear magnetic resonance line shapes, which we compute using Monte Carlo simulations and compare with experimental data.

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