Strain patterns, decollement and incipient sagducted greenstone terrains in the Archaean Dharwar craton (south India)

Chardon, Dominique ; Choukroune, Pierre ; Jayananda, Mudlappa (1996) Strain patterns, decollement and incipient sagducted greenstone terrains in the Archaean Dharwar craton (south India) Journal of Structural Geology, 18 (8). pp. 991-1004. ISSN 0191-8141

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The Archaean Dharwar craton is characterized by two greenstone successions: the > 3 Ga Sargur Group and the 3.0–2.5 Ga Dharwar Supergroup. Examples of both successions are described from the region of Jayachamarajapura where they are also distinguished by different tectonic patterns. The younger greenstones have undergone only minor deformation and are only slightly metamorphosed and so provide a good case study of the relative behavior of greenstones in relation to their granite-gneiss country rocks. A detailed structural analysis indicates two strain fields associated with two deformational episodes: D1 and D2. The D1 episode produced dome-and-basin structures and affected merely the older greenstones and the gneisses. The mapped strain field is compatible with the hypothesis that it is associated with the development of diapiric-type gravitational instabilities. The D2 episode affects only the younger greenstone belt, which has the overall geometry of a complex syncline. It is discordant over a complex of gneisses and older greenstones that was deformed during the D1 episode. The base of the discordant cover sequence is tectonized and constitutes a décollement surface. Kinematic criteria at this surface have opposite sense and converge towards the belt axis. These structural features are interpreted in terms of progressive deformation compatible with the incipient development of a sagducting trough. These results are consistent with those obtained from other parts of the craton, where the tectonic evolution appears to reflect mainly relative vertical displacements facilitated by the reheating of continental crust during two major Archaean tectonometamorphic episodes.

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