Pure nuclear reflection from naturalFeN0.7/57FeN0.7 multilayer

Gupta, Ajay ; Gupta, Mukul ; Dasannacharya, B. A. ; Yoda, Y. ; Kikuta, S. ; Seto, M. (2004) Pure nuclear reflection from naturalFeN0.7/57FeN0.7 multilayer Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 73 (2). pp. 423-429. ISSN 0031-9015

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Amorphous alloy of Fe-N with ~40 at.% N has been prepared by reactive ion-beam sputtering. A systematic study of the growth behaviour, thermal stability, atomic diffusion and the magnetic properties of the alloy has been done. Deposition characteristics of the film have been studied using the x-ray reflectivity and the atomic force microscopy techniques. The results suggest that it is a suitable system for preparing isotopic multilayers for application as the nuclear Bragg monochromator. Pure nuclear Bragg reflections have been observed from an isotopic multilayer of composition: float glass (substrate)/[natFeN0.7(30 Å)/57FeN0.7(20 Å)]×10/natFeN0.7(30 Å). A nuclear Bragg peak because of isotopic periodicity is observed at an angle of 0.55°. where the electronic scattering is of the order of 10-3. A nuclear reflectivity of 2.5% has been obtained at the first Bragg peak.

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Keywords:Nuclear Bragg Monochromator; Nuclear Resonance Scattering; Synchrotron Mossbauer Spectroscopy; Iron Nitride; Amorphous Thin Film
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