On generalized spatial modulation

Datta, Tanumay ; Chockalingam, A. (2013) On generalized spatial modulation In: 2013 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC), 7-10 April 2013, Shanghai, China.

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Generalized spatial modulation (GSM) is a relatively new modulation scheme for multi-antenna wireless communications. It is quite attractive because of its ability to work with less number of transmit RF chains compared to traditional spatial multiplexing (V-BLAST system). In this paper, we show that, by using an optimum combination of number of transmit antennas (Nt) and number of transmit RF chains (Nrf), GSM can achieve better throughput and/or bit error rate (BER) than spatial multiplexing. First, we quantify the percentage savings in the number of transmit RF chains as well as the percentage increase in the rate achieved in GSM compared to spatial multiplexing; 18.75% savings in number of RF chains and 9.375% increase in rate are possible with 16 transmit antennas and 4-QAM modulation. A bottleneck, however, is the complexity of maximum-likelihood (ML) detection of GSM signals, particularly in large MIMO systems where the number of antennas is large. We address this detection complexity issue next. Specifically, we propose a Gibbs sampling based algorithm suited to detect GSM signals. The proposed algorithm yields impressive BER performance and complexity results. For the same spectral efficiency and number of transmit RF chains, GSM with the proposed detection algorithm achieves better performance than spatial multiplexing with ML detection.

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Keywords:Gibbs Sampling; Generalized Spatial Modulation; RF Chain Savings; Detection
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