Protein translation in Plasmodium parasites

Jackson, Katherine E. ; Habib, Saman ; Frugier, Magali ; Hoen, Rob ; Khan, Sameena ; Pham, James S. ; de Pouplana, Lluís Ribas ; Royo, Miriam ; Santos, Manuel A.S. ; Sharma, Amit ; Ralph, Stuart A. (2011) Protein translation in Plasmodium parasites Trends in Parasitology, 27 (10). pp. 467-476. ISSN 1471-4922

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The protein translation machinery of the parasite Plasmodium is the target of important anti-malarial drugs, and encompasses many promising targets for future drugs. Plasmodium parasites have three subcellular compartments that house genomes; the nucleus, mitochondrion and apicoplast, and each requires its own compartmentalized transcription and translation apparatus for survival. Despite the availability of the complete genome sequence that should reveal the requisite elements for all three compartments, our understanding of the translation machineries is patchy. We review what is known about cytosolic and organellar translation in Plasmodium and discuss the molecules that have been identified through genome sequencing and post-genomic analysis. Some translation components are yet to be found in Plasmodium, whereas others appear to be shared between translationally active organelles.

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