Constraints on flavor-dependent long range forces from solar neutrinos and KamLAND

Bandyopadhyay, Abhijit ; Dighe, Amol ; Joshipura, Anjan S. (2007) Constraints on flavor-dependent long range forces from solar neutrinos and KamLAND Physical Review D, 75 (9). Article ID 093005. ISSN 1550-7998

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Flavor-dependent long range (LR) leptonic forces, like those mediated by the Lε−Lμ or Lε−Lτ gauge bosons, constitute a minimal extension of the standard model that preserves its renormalizability. We study the impact of such interactions on the solar neutrino oscillations when the interaction range RLR is much larger than the Earth-Sun distance. The LR potential can dominate over the standard charged current potential inside the Sun in spite of strong constraints on the coupling α of the LR force coming from the atmospheric neutrino data and laboratory search for new forces. We demonstrate that the solar and atmospheric neutrino mass scales do not get trivially decoupled even if θ13 is vanishingly small. In addition, for α ≳10−52 and normal hierarchy, resonant enhancement of θ13 results in nontrivial energy dependent effects on the νε survival probability. We perform a complete three generation analysis, and obtain constraints on α through a global fit to the solar neutrino and KamLAND data. We get the 3σ limits αεμ<3.4×10−53 and αετ<2.5×10−53 when RLR is much smaller than our distance from the galactic center. With larger RLR, the collective LR potential due to all the electrons in the galaxy becomes significant and the constraints on α become stronger by up to two orders of magnitude.

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