CP asymmetry in the decays B→(Xs,Xd+μ with four generations

Alok, Ashutosh Kumar ; Dighe, Amol ; Ray, Shamayita (2009) CP asymmetry in the decays B→(Xs,Xd+μ with four generations Physical Review D, 79 (3). Article ID 034017. ISSN 1550-7998

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We estimate the CP asymmetry ACP(q2) in the decays B→Xsμ+μ and B→Xdμ+μ in the standard model (SM) with an additional fourth generation. We use a parametrization that allows us to explore the complete parameter space of the 4×4 quark mixing matrix, and constrain these parameters from the current data on B decays. We find that the enhancement in ACP (q2) depends strongly on the mass of the t′, the up-type quark in the fourth generation. For mt′ around 400 GeV, the CP asymmetry in the high- q2 region (q2>14.4  GeV2) can be enhanced by more than an order of magnitude for B→Xsμ+μ and up to a factor of 6 for B→Xdμ+μ. There is no enhancement in the low- q2 region (1<q2<6  GeV2). With increasing mt′, ACP(q2) in the high- q2 (low- q2) region first decreases (increases) and then saturates at a value a few times the SM prediction. In the high- q2 region of B→Xsμ+μ, this saturation value may be up to 25 times the SM expectation.

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