Signatures of heavy sterile neutrinos at long baseline experiments

Dighe, Amol ; Ray, Shamayita (2007) Signatures of heavy sterile neutrinos at long baseline experiments Physical Review D, 76 (11). Article ID 113001. ISSN 1550-7998

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Sterile neutrinos with masses ~0.1  eV or higher, allowed with the current oscillation data, can potentially play an important role in astrophysics and cosmology. We explore possible signatures of such sterile neutrinos at long baseline experiments. We determine the neutrino conversion probabilities analytically in a 4-neutrino framework, including matter effects, treating the sterile mixing angles θ14, θ24, θ34, the deviation of θ23 from maximality, as well as θ13 and the ratio Δm2/Δm2atm as small parameters for a perturbative expansion. This gives rise to analytically tractable expressions for flavor conversion probabilities from which effects of these parameters can be clearly understood. We numerically calculate the signals at a neutrino factory with near and far detectors that can identify the lepton charge, and point out observables that can discern the sterile mixing signals. We find that clean identification of sterile mixing would be possible for θ24θ34≳0.005 (3σ) and θ14≳0.06  rad (3σ) with the current bound of θ13<0.2  rad; a better θ13 bound would allow probing smaller values of sterile mixing. We also generalize the formalism for any number of sterile neutrinos, and demonstrate that only certain combinations of sterile mixing parameters are relevant irrespective of the number of sterile neutrinos. This also leads to a stringent test of the scenario with multiple sterile neutrinos that currently is able to describe all the data from the short baseline experiments, including LSND and MiniBooNE.

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