Testing times for supersymmetry: looking under the lamp post

Dighe, Amol ; Ghosh, Diptimoy ; Patel, Ketan M. ; Raychaudhuri, Sreerup (2013) Testing times for supersymmetry: looking under the lamp post International Journal of Modern Physics A, 28 (26). Article ID 1350134-13 pages. ISSN 0217-751X

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We make a critical study of two highly-constrained models of supersymmetry — the constrained minimal supersymmetric standard model (cMSSM), and the nonuniversal Higgs mass (NUHM) model — in the light of the 125–126 GeV Higgs boson, the first observation of Bs→μ μ at the LHCb, and the updated B → τ ν branching ratio at BELLE. It turns out that these models are still allowed by the experimental data, even if we demand that there be a light stop with mass less than 1.5 TeV. The only significant effects of all these constraints are to push the mass of the light stop above ~500 GeV, and to prefer the universal trilinear coupling A0 to be large and negative. We calculate the Higgs boson branching ratios to WW, ZZ, τ τ and γ γ in these models and show that improved experimental limits on these could put them to the most stringent experimental tests yet.

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Keywords:Supersymmetry; Higgs Boson; B-meson Decays
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