Hydraulic jumps with corners due to obliquely inclined circular liquid jets

Kate, R. P. ; Das, P. K. ; Chakraborty, Suman (2007) Hydraulic jumps with corners due to obliquely inclined circular liquid jets Physical Review E, 75 (5). Article ID 056310. ISSN 1539-3755

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We have discovered that hydraulic jumps corresponding to obliquely inclined circular liquid jets, under certain conditions of impingement, confer a series of interesting flow patterns (including jumps with corners). These patterns are markedly different from the regular elliptical (or oblate) shaped jump profiles that are commonly observed with higher angles of jet inclination. These patterns are attributed to the changes in the spreading flow profile due to “jet-jump interaction” at relatively lower jet inclination angles. The irregular shaped jump profiles, close to the critical angle of jet inclination, are mathematically characterized by introducing the concept of an equivalent jump radius. These theoretical predictions match excellently with the experimental findings. A phenomenological explanation is also provided by drawing analogies from shock-wave interactions in compressible fluid mechanics and from twin-jet interaction mechanisms.

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