Transferrin liposomes of docetaxel for brain-targeted cancer applications: formulation and brain theranostics

Sonali, . ; Singh, Rahul Pratap ; Singh, Nitesh ; Sharma, Gunjan ; Vijayakumar, Mahalingam R. ; Koch, Biplob ; Singh, Sanjay ; Singh, Usha ; Dash, Debabrata ; Pandey, Bajarangprasad L. ; Muthu, Madaswamy S. (2016) Transferrin liposomes of docetaxel for brain-targeted cancer applications: formulation and brain theranostics Drug Delivery, 23 (4). pp. 1261-1271. ISSN 1071-7544

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Diagnosis and therapy of brain cancer was often limited due to low permeability of delivery materials across the blood–brain barrier (BBB) and their poor penetration into the brain tissue. This study explored the possibility of utilizing theranostic d-alpha-tocopheryl polyethylene glycol 1000 succinate mono-ester (TPGS) liposomes as nanocarriers for minimally invasive brain-targeted imaging and therapy (brain theranostics). The aim of this work was to formulate transferrin conjugated TPGS coated theranostic liposomes, which contain both docetaxel and quantum dots (QDs) for imaging and therapy of brain cancer. The theranostic liposomes with and without transferrin decoration were prepared and characterized for their particle size, polydispersity, morphology, drug encapsulation efficiency, in-vitro release study and brain theranostics. The particle sizes of the non-targeted and targeted theranostic liposomes were found below 200 nm. Nearly, 71% of drug encapsulation efficiency was achieved with liposomes. The drug release from transferrin conjugated theranostic liposomes was sustained for more than 72 h with 70% of drug release. The in-vivo results indicated that transferrin receptor-targeted theranostic liposomes could be a promising carrier for brain theranostics due to nano-sized delivery and its permeability which provided an improved and prolonged brain targeting of docetaxel and QDs in comparison to the non-targeted preparations.

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Keywords:Brain Cancer; Brain Theranostics; Cancer Nanotechnology; Quantum Dots; Liposomes; Vitamin E TPGS
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