Synchronous tricolor emission-based white light from quantum dot complex

Pramanik, Sabyasachi ; Bhandari, Satyapriya ; Roy, Shilaj ; Chattopadhyay, Arun (2015) Synchronous tricolor emission-based white light from quantum dot complex Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 6 (7). pp. 1270-1274. ISSN 1948-7185

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Herein we report the generation of synchronous tricolor emission for a single wavelength excitation from a quantum dot complex (QDC). The single-component QDC was formed out of a complexation reaction, at room temperature, between ligand-free Mn2+-doped ZnS quantum dots (Qdots) and a mixture of two organic ligands (acetylsalicylic acid and 8-hydroxyquinoline). Furthermore, the tunability in chromaticity color coordinates, which is important for solid-state lighting, was achieved following the synthesis of QDC. Moreover, the photostable QDC emitted white light (λex 320 nm) with (0.30, 0.33) and (0.32, 0.32) chromaticity color coordinates in the liquid and the solid phases, respectively. Hence, the white light-emitting QDC may be a superior material for light-emitting applications.

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Keywords:Chromaticity Color Coordinates; Complexation Reaction; Light-Emitting Devices; Quantum Dot; Tricolor Emission; White-Light Emission
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