Early time optical spectroscopy of supernova SN 1998S

Anupama, G. C. ; Sivarani, T. ; Pandey, G. (2001) Early time optical spectroscopy of supernova SN 1998S Astronomy &; Astrophysics, 367 (2). pp. 506-512. ISSN 0004-6361

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We present medium-resolution optical spectra of the type II supernova SN 1998S obtained during the pre-maximum, maximum and early decline phases. The early decline spectra show complex Balmer line profiles: a narrow P-Cygni emission feature superimposed on a broad emission. The narrow emission has a redshift similar to that of the host galaxy, indicating its origin from a pre-supernova circumstellar material. The Hα luminosity of the broad component implies a shell mass of ~ 0.1 M☉ for the supernova ejecta, while the luminosity of the narrow component implies a mass loss rate of 10-4M☉ yr-1 for the precursor. The photospheric temperature of the supernova shell decreased from a value of 18400±2900 K on day 17 to a value of 7500±1200 K on day 44. The observations indicate SN 1998S belongs to type IIn supernovae where the supernova ejecta dynamically interact with a pre-supernova circumstellar material.

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