Electro-osmosis of electrorheological fluids

Dhar, Jayabrata ; Bandopadhyay, Aditya ; Chakraborty, Suman (2013) Electro-osmosis of electrorheological fluids Physical Review E, 88 (5). Article ID 053001. ISSN 1539-3755

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Electrorheological fluids are suspensions that are characterized by a strong functional dependence of the constitutive behavior of the fluids on the electric field. In this work, we consider electro-osmosis of an electrorheological fluid through a channel where a transverse, nonuniform electric field is spontaneously induced due to the presence of an electric double layer that is manifested due to surface charge density at the channel wall. We reveal a nonlinear interplay between the applied electric field, the induced electric field, and the observed flow profiles, which is fundamentally distinctive from other types of nonlinear electrokinetic effects that have been extensively discussed in the literature, in a sense that here an interaction between the applied electric field, the induced electric field, and the dependence of the rheology on the resultant electric field happens to be the focal source of nonlinearity in the observed phenomena. We analyze the electro-osmotic flow control through the exploitation of a combined nonlinear interplay of the driving electrokinetic forces and the resistive viscous interactions, which gives rise to distinctive flow regimes as compared to those realized in cases of either Newtonian fluids or non-Newtonian fluids having electric-field-independent flow rheology.

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