EXOSAT observations of the hot gas in the A1060 cluster of galaxies

Singh, K. P. ; Westergaard, N. J. ; Schnopper, H. W. (1988) EXOSAT observations of the hot gas in the A1060 cluster of galaxies The Astrophysical Journal, 330 . pp. 620-624. ISSN 0004-637X

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We have used the EXOSAT Observatory to map and to obtain the X-ray spectrum of the hot gas in the A1060 cluster of galaxies. The density and temperature profiles of the intracluster gas have been determined by spherical deprojection of the X-ray surface brightness distribution obtained. We assume hydrostatic equilibrium and a cluster gravitational potential as described analytically by a King law, with a total binding mass of 1014 M⊚. The electron density and the temperature of the hot gas within a radius of 16 kpc from the cluster center are found to lie in the range (1.1-1.2) × 10-2 cm -3 and (1.0-1.5) × 107 K, respectively, when the effects of an extra" galaxy-like" potential are also included. We confirm the presence of cooling inflow in the central regions <70 kpc) of the cluster with mass accretion rate falling from 7-14 M⊚ yr-1 at the periphery of the start of the cooling flow to 2-4 M⊚ yr-1 in the innermost bin. The observed X-ray gas when extrapolated out to a radius of ~ 500 kpc has ~5% of the total binding mass.

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