Melatonin accelerates maturation inducing hormone (MIH): induced oocyte maturation in carps

Chattoraj, Asamanja ; Bhattacharyya, Sharmistha ; Basu, Dipanjan ; Bhattacharya, Shelley ; Bhattacharya, Samir ; Maitra, Saumen Kumar (2005) Melatonin accelerates maturation inducing hormone (MIH): induced oocyte maturation in carps General and Comparative Endocrinology, 140 (3). pp. 145-155. ISSN 0016-6480

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The present communication is an attempt to demonstrate the influence of melatonin on the action of maturation inducing hormone (MIH) on the maturation of oocytes in carps. The oocytes from gravid female major carp Labeo rohita were isolated and incubated separately in Medium 199 containing (a) only MIH (1 μg/ml), (b) only melatonin (at concentrations of 50, 100 or 500 pg/ml), and (c) both melatonin and MIH, but at different time intervals. In the latter group, melatonin was added to the incubating medium either (i) 4 h before addition of MIH, (ii) 2 h before addition of MIH, (iii) co-administered with MIH (0 h interval) or (iv) 2 h after addition of MIH. In each case, oocytes were further incubated for 4, 8, 12 or 16 h post- administration of MIH, and the effects of treatment on oocyte maturation were evaluated by considering the rate (%) of germinal vesicle breakdown (GVBD). Incubation of oocytes in a medium containing only melatonin did not result in GVBD of any oocyte. Nearly all the oocytes underwent GVBD when incubated with MIH for 16 h. Administration of melatonin along with MIH (at 0 h interval) or 2 h after addition of MIH did not result in any significant change in the rate of GVBD compared to that in a medium containing only MIH. However, it was quite interesting to observe that incubation of oocytes with melatonin especially 4 h prior to addition of MIH in the medium, led to an accelerated rate of GVBD in the oocytes. Experiments with the oocytes of another major carp Cyprinus carpio following an identical schedule depicted similar results except a difference in the optimum melatonin dose. In L. rohita, 50 pg/ml melatonin had maximum acceleratory effect on MIH-induced GVBD of oocytes, while it was 100 pg/ml in C. carpio. Further study revealed that pre-incubation with melatonin accelerates the action of MIH on the formation of a complex of two proteins (MPF), a regulatory component called cyclin B and the catalytic component protein kinase known as cyclin-dependent kinase, Cdk1. Densitometric analysis of the immunoblot data collected from the melatonin pre-treated MIH incubated oocytes showed that cyclin B level continued to increase even after 4 h of incubation, and reached the peak after 12 h. Moreover, determination of H1 kinase activity as an indicator of MPF activity in oocytes revealed that melatonin pre-incubation considerably increased MIH stimulation of histone H1 phosphorylation as compared to MIH alone. Thus, the present study demonstrates for the first time that prior incubation with melatonin accelerates the action of MIH on carp oocyte maturation.

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