Boundary conditions and localization on AdS. Part II. General analysis

David, Justin R. ; Gava, Edi ; Gupta, Rajesh Kumar ; Narain, Kumar (2020) Boundary conditions and localization on AdS. Part II. General analysis Journal of High Energy Physics, 2020 (2). ISSN 1029-8479

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We develop the method of Green’s function to evaluate the one loop determinants that arise in localization of supersymmetric field theories on AdS spaces. The theories we study have at least N = 2 supersymmetry and normalisable boundary conditions are consistent with supersymmetry. We then show that under general assumptions the variation of the one loop determinant with respect to the localizing background reduces to a total derivative. Therefore it receives contributions only from the origin of AdS and from asymptotic infinity. From expanding both the Greens function and the quadratic operators at the origin of AdS and asymptotic infinity, we show that the variation of the one loop determinant is proportional to an integer. Furthermore, we show that this integer is an index of a first order differential operator. We demonstrate that these assumptions are valid for Chern-Simons theories coupled to chiral multiplets on AdS2 × S1. Finally we use our results to show that U(Nc) Chern-Simons theory at level k coupled to Nf chiral multiplets and Nf anti-chiral multiplets in the fundamental obeys level-rank duality on AdS2 × S1.

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Keywords:Extended Supersymmetry; Field Theories in Lower Dimensions; Supersymmetric Gauge Theory.
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