Chemistry of Rh-N,S heterocyclic carbene complexes

Roy, Dipak Kumar ; Yuvaraj, K. ; Jagan, R. ; Ghosh, Sundargopal (2016) Chemistry of Rh-N,S heterocyclic carbene complexes Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 811 . pp. 8-13. ISSN 0022-328X

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Chloro-rhodaboratrane [(Cp*Rh)(L2)BCl] 4 has been synthesized from rhodium N,S-heterocyclic carbene complex [(Cp*Rh)(L2)(1-benzothiazol-2-ylidene)], 1, (L = C7H4NS2) and borane reagent BHCl2.SMe2. The Rh—B bond in 4 is buttressed between two benzothiazolyl units in [3.3.0] fashion. The presence of B—Cl bond allowed us to explore the chemistry of boratrane 4 at the boron centre. The reaction of ethynylmagnesium bromide with 4 yielded η1-vinyl complex [Cp*RhBr(C2H2)L] 5, containing a five membered metallaheterocycle. In an objective to abstract the chloride, alike borylene synthesis from haloboryl, we performed the reaction of 4 with NaBArF4 that resulted the thiolato bridged bimetallic compound [Cp*Rh(μ-L)3RhCp*][BArF4] 6 (ArF: C6H3(CF3)2-3,5).

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Keywords:N,S Heterocyclic Carbene; Boratrane; Boron; Rhodium; Vinyl Complex
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